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Black-Owned Car Dealership is Certified Gold

utilities savings should pay back the extra building costs within three to four years.

Jackson, whose family now lives in Rockwall, says finding green-certified contractors and materials was not a problem, and that being green helped expedite the issuing of local permits and building code variances.

Building or renovating green is the responsible thing to do, says Jackson, whose personal lifestyle now includes recycling, among other conservation measures. It also makes economic sense for owners looking to be in business five-plus years, and the health and morale benefits are tremendous. “It’s not just about conserving energy,” Jackson says. “One of the biggest things we hear from employees is how good they feel when they’re working in the building.” A key reason, says Jackson, is the ample sunlight throughout the dealership.

At the moment, the market for Toyota dealerships is hot–owners can sell them at very high prices. Jackson has no intention of selling, but he believes the savings from being green makes the potential resale value of his franchise even greater.

Although the economy may be veering toward recession, Jackson says the Texas economy is in better shape than the nation’s. “Besides, people are still going to drive. We’ll always have new car business or service business.” For many drivers, Toyota is the car to drive when gas prices are high, because they get 30 miles to a gallon, says Jackson. “It’s a good time to be a Toyota dealer.”