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This Holiday, Play These Black-Owned Games That Incorporate Hip-Hop

Peep these five hip-hop-related games to set off your holiday party.

Tis’ the season for holiday cheer among family and friends. What’s better than getting your game on at the holiday gathering?

While there’s no shortage of games to play during the holidays, BLACK ENTERPRISE has identified five Black-owned that aren’t run of the mill. These games incorporate some element of hip-hop into the spirit. And what better way to celebrate the culture, 50 years of hip-hop, and the holidays all at once?

In the words of the honorable and Notorious BIG, we “never thought that hip-hop would take us this far,” but we’re proud it has.

Peep these hip-hop related games to set off your party and holiday cheer to your guests

1.) Lyrically Correct 

Get ready to test your hip-hop (R&B) knowledge with this trivia card game that challenges players on 1990s and 2000s lyrics, and retails for $24.99. One reviewer on the company’s website said, “This game is soooo much fun. It makes you think while having fun. Songs you think you know, you won’t lol. It’s really fun for game night.”

2.) Heard It All Before

This clever card game tests music lovers’ ear for songs that have been sampled in your favorite hip-hop bops. Heard It All Before retails for $29.99 and comes with 270 playing cards. Reviews on the site credited the game with being “on point” and multigenerational. 

3.) Kulture Karaoke 

What’s more lit than Karaoke for the Kulture? Your karaoke crooning will never be the same after playing this karaoke card game that keeps it completely hip-hop and R&B. The Kulture Karaoke card set is just $19.99. Sold separately is the brand’s Bluetooth Karaoke mic to rock out with for $21.99. 

4.) Trap Spelling Bee

Hip-hop is not all rap music. Hip-hop as a culture is the embodiment of lifestyle which includes music, art, literature, style and language. Trap Spelling Bee taps into hip-hop colloquialisms and vernacular. It’s a family-friendly and has several editions and ranges 

5.) University Of Dope

The University of Dope is definitely dope. This card game is multifaceted and for true hip-hop heads. To play this game you may want to brush up on your hip-hop history and debate skills because there will be plenty of hip-hop opinion and preference to argue about. This game retails for $30

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