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Blazing New Trails

business achievement. With plans to open another ice cream shop, it is clear that Winbush is not taking her prosperity as a sign to slow down.

The 14-year-old co-star of The Bernie Mac Show decided to open Baked Ice, a Pasadena, California-based ice cream shop over a year ago. “I wanted to try something new that no other kid that I know of has done before. Usually they’ll start something with fashion, but ice cream was different.” Winbush used the money generated from her career as a professional actress to start Baked Ice.

Baked Ice provides 16 different ice cream flavors amid smooth jazz and occasional poetry readings. In addition to being a budding actress, Winbush is a hands-on businesswoman. She was directly involved with finding the location of her business, determining its hours of operation, and creating recipes. In 2003, Baked Ice grossed $120,000, which is $30,000 more than she anticipated. Winbush’s company is destined to grow as she garners patrons by way of ice cream socials and various promotional events.

Winbush wants to attend college to study archeology or forensic science. The country may be amazed by Winbush’s business sense; however, she is not surprised about her insight. Winbush says, “It’s just in my blood to have that entrepreneurial spirit.”