The Business of Blogging: How the Jasmine BRAND Is Building a Media Empire

The Business of Blogging: How the Jasmine BRAND Is Building a Media Empire

Jasmine Brand
(Image: Jasmine Brand)

Popular website is responsible for breaking some of the biggest stories in the entertainment industry. Founded by entertainment journalist Jasmine Brand, the site has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years, with plans for further expansion in the works. Co-owned by Jasmine and entrepreneur Mahir Fadle, the Jasmine BRAND’s popularity has made a foray into television and radio a very likely possibility sometime in the future.

During a recent interview with Jasmine, we discussed the success of the website, and she shared her advice for aspiring bloggers and journalists. Although she’s not a fan of speaking on future plans until they’re set in stone, it’s clear that the Jasmine BRAND is a multimedia powerhouse in the making.


On Her Partnership With Mahir Fadle:


“Initially, the site was launched as a hobby, with no business goals or strategic plans for expansion. After the site exploded and I was forced to quit my job to focus on it full-time, I brought on Mahir Fadle, as an investor and co-owner. Mahir oversees business development and operations. He’s helped launch the site into a functioning business with staff and has brought multiple deals to the table.”


On the Success of the Website:


“We started off as a staff of one, and now we have close to 30 staff members across the country. We’ve been sourced and credited by large national outlets like USA Today and the NY Times, along with daytime talk shows like the Wendy Williams Show, The View,  and a number of syndicated radio shows. Our traffic on the site continues to grow and we’ve been approached by major brands.”


On Future Plans and Goals for the Website:


“We’ve never been a fan of announcing our plans before they’re finalized, but it’s highly likely we’ll be growing into the TV, digital, and radio space. We’ll also continue to expand our staff and open additional offices.”


On Her Advice for Up-And-Coming Bloggers and Journalists:


“I always like to tell anyone that works in this industry that the key is always time and consistency, but you have to be willing to sacrifice; whether it’s your time, your personal life, or your money–what are you willing to give up in order to be successful? And always keep God first.”



Black Enterprise contributor Mara–”The Hip-Hop Socialite”–is a headline-grabbing entertainment journalist, radio personality, and creator of “The SCOOP,” an international entertainment news and lifestyle column. Follow her on Twitter @HipHopSocialite.