Boss Basketball Wives: Free Agency & Their Brands

Boss Basketball Wives: Free Agency & Their Brands

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Dirk and Jessica Nowitski

Nowitski married Jessica Olsson in a traditional African wedding ceremony back in 2012. Olsson is half-Swedish and half-Kenyan. It’s tough to imagine Dirk playing anywhere else from Dallas. But we also thought the same way about Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

Nowitski did put the Mavericks on notice though, saying, “Honestly, I can’t see myself going anywhere else but here,” Nowitzki said. “Really, the pressure is on Mark and Donnie to get this franchise back to where it belongs. They know that. And then we’re all good; everything is fine.

But he did say, “I mean, I belong to this city. That’s just the bottom line. I could never see myself playing for another franchise, putting another jersey on. That would be probably the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life. I want to stay here.”

The couple have a baby girl born July 2013.