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and in other areas of the United States and in other countries. More than 400 recruiters visit the campus to speak with students each year through the Career Development Center, while the Resource Center is able to guide students in their search for internships during the school year, the summer months, and/or during a leave of absence year. In addition, the Dean’s Office offers professional counseling regarding opportunities on and off campus.

What is the student teacher ratio?


Does Brown offer opportunities for nontraditional students?

Brown has admission programs for not only freshman applicants (including international students), but also for transfer and resumed education students. We are need-blind for domestic students, but need-aware for international applicants. About 10% of our undergraduates applied from countries other than the United States, and 72 countries are represented in the student body. Students applying for transfer positions in the class may apply in the spring of their freshman year at another school and enter Brown with sophomore status; also, students may apply in the spring of their second year and enter Brown as juniors. A transfer student must attend Brown for 4 semesters and complete 15 courses successfully in order to earn the baccalaureate degree.