Team Couture Disrupts the Sports Merchandising Industry

Businesswomen Disrupt Sports Merchandising Industry with Team Couture

Team Couture Founders
Team Couture Founders Cassandra Johnson (left) and Audrey Tolson (Image: Team Couture)
Team Couture Apparel
(Image: Team Couture)

What’s your No. 1 business tip for entrepreneurs?

Stick with what you love. Make that your vision and it will never feel like work. When choosing a partner, make sure it’s the right partnership. You should complement each other in your core competencies and background. On the personal side, know when to fill in, when to step back, and how to trust each other. You should have that foundation of trust, respect, and actually like the person! You’ll spend a lot of hours together and will be juggling a lot personally and professionally. You should trust each other to represent the brand individually and have a good line of communication. Sometimes you won’t have a 50/50 workload, but in the end make sure the responsibilities and resources balance out. Look at it as working towards something bigger than yourself. Your significant other also has to believe in the vision and appreciate the journey.

What advice do you have for those looking to break into the fashion industry?

Don’t chase trends and don’t change your brand to fit a certain mold. Stick to your vision and don’t modify it to a cookie cutter fit. The trend setting brands are the ones that people love. Also, don’t make a style that you wouldn’t wear yourself. Ensure that you know what your brand is about and stick to it. Every designer has a certain look that people can identify – it stands outs. So we’re committed to staying true to our brand. We want to build something that’s iconic.