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Buy And Hold Is Back

revenues moving forward. The company integrates software and processing solutions primarily for financial services institutions and serves three market segments: investment support systems, availability services and higher education, and public sector systems. “We expect demand for SunGard’s back-office systems and software products to increase as financial service companies try to update and improve their capabilities,” says McKissack.


Company (Exchange: Symbol) Price* 12- to 18 Month Price Target P/E on Projected 2005 Earnings Est. 5-Yr. Annual EPS Growth Rate Why Stock Will Outperform
Interface Inc. (NASDAQ: IFSIA) $9.96 $14.00 22 15% The commercial building sector is expected to increase, and Interface should pick up business in this area.
Markel Corp. (NYSE: MKL) $310.50 $450.00 12 14% Markel is expanding its insurance services in specific markets.
Sybron Dental Specialties Inc. (NYSE: SYD) $34.11 $40.00 19 12% Sybron should benefit from a growing elderly population and an increase in younger adults seeking cosmetic dental work.
SunGard Data Systems Inc. (NYSE: SDS) $26.23 $36.00 17 15% SunGard should pick up business from the financial services sector as it upgrades its business systems.
Source: Eric McKissack, Channing Capital Management* As of Nov. 22, 2004