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Cam Newton Claims Former Teammate Jimmy Clausen Tried To Hustle Him Out Of $1 Million

Former NFL quarterback Cam Newton is alleging his Carolina Panther's teammate Jimmy Clausen tried to sell him his jersey number for $1M.

Former NFL quarterback Cam Newton shared a story about how he ended up with his jersey number.

During an interview with 2Cool2Blog, the former Carolina Panthers player claimed when he came into the league, his veteran teammate Jimmy Clausen attempted to charge him $1 million to give up the No. 2, leaving Newton to choose a different number altogether.

“He’s [Jimmy Clausen] like, ‘S**t, if you want it, you gotta pay for it.’ I was like, ‘Cool, how much?’ He said, ‘A million.’ I said, ‘Boy, kiss my a**, a million dollars, bro? People don’t make a million dollars in a lifetime, let alone I’m gonna give you a million dollars just for a number.’”

“So, I thought he was playing,” Newton said. “Mothaf***a comes back and says, ‘I talked to my people, and we’ll do it for $750,000. I said, ‘Oh, you for real?’ I hung that phone up, true story.”

Newton would go on to choose the number that would become synonymous with his career – one.

Though the NFL’s all-time leader in career quarterback rushing touchdowns would not have to pay Clausen, he never forgave him for the alleged slight.

“I made an oath to myself,” he explained. “I said that will be the last time Jimmy Clausen will ever be heard of in Carolina.”

Clausen would be relegated to the bench, with Newton steering the Panthers ship for three consecutive seasons before being released by the team. Clausen went on to play for the Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Ravens before leaving the NFL in 2015, only playing five years in the league in total.

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