Cardi B And Janelle James Partner With Walmart to Share Mommy Tips Ahead of Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, mega-retailer Walmart tapped Cardi B and Janelle James to share some mothering tips with the mommy community.

On Monday, videos showing the Grammy-winning rapper and the Emmy-winning actress sharing their “Mom hacks” were released to the public. Walmart wanted to partner with funny ladies in Hollywood – others featured in the series include comedic actress Stephanie Beatriz and stand-up star and screenwriter Jenny Slate.

Cardi took to Twitter to share her video with her nearly 30 million followers.

“Let me show yall how I make it through the day…. Check out all my mom hacks at
#WalmartPartner,” she tweeted.

“Welcome to motherhood. It’s hard, but we got you,” Cardi says in the video.

Clips show the “I Like It” rapper cleaning up a nursery while listing some of her top mommy tips.

“Square off your pointy nails so you don’t scratch your baby,” she shared. “I might keep my pinky nail pointy so I can take out my baby’s boogers.”

Cardi also suggested loading your baby’s bed with blankets just in case they can’t locate their favorite one. Elsewhere, the proud mother of two bounced on a yoga ball and said it’s one of the best ways to calm a fussy baby while getting in a quick workout.

Abbott Elementary star Janelle James also shared her go-to mom hacks, which include taking a break from doing the laundry to nap alongside your baby. The mother of two sons also keeps a mini vacuum for the “neverending crumbs” that come with having children.

Walmart execs shared their pride in the campaign, which            promotes a Walmart+ membership for busy moms like Cardi and James.

“The beauty of motherhood is that it brings moms together with a bond regardless of where they are in their lives,” Courtney Carlson, senior vice president of retail marketing, at Walmart said.

“Every mom loves to trade their parenting hacks, and we’re excited for this campaign to showcase the biggest hack of all being ‘The Mother of All Savings’ — a Walmart+ membership.”