Urban One Founder Cathy Hughes

Urban One Founder Cathy Hughes Unveils Casino And Entertainment Complex Project

Cathy Hughes, founder and chairperson of Urban One, Inc., revealed an exciting preview of the proposed resort, casino, and entertainment complex heading to Richmond, Virginia.

According to NewsOne, the project will appear on voter’s ballots this November. “Urban One has been successful because we have always been clear about what we do and who we serve, and I count it a blessing that the city of Richmond has been among the communities we have been a part of for over two decades,” Hughes said. 

“Richmonders recognize that this project is an opportunity for Richmond to invest in itself—an opportunity to have a generational economic impact and use the $30 million generated every year towards creating a remarkable future with stronger schools and better services for their children, new opportunities for entrepreneurs, and hundreds of new jobs for their community. When Richmond votes yes, we say yes to good jobs, stronger schools, and services, and the opportunity to invest in Richmonders.”

Reportedly, 1,300 new jobs will be created if the proposed casino project is approved, bringing over $30 million in new revenue to the city.

The project, which will use no public funding, incentives, or tax breaks, is a partnership between Churchill Downs, Inc., and Urban One, Inc. “Richmonders told us they want great jobs, community investment, green space and top-tier entertainment. With Richmond Grand, we’ve delivered,” said Alfred Liggins, III, CEO of Urban One, Inc.

“Richmond Grand will offer something for everyone—incredible shows, exciting gaming and entertainment, outdoor recreation, luxurious spas and pools, and a huge addition of jobs and tax revenue for the city. This is a plan by Richmond, for Richmond, and when we vote yes, all of Richmond wins.” The upcoming resort and casino has a host of attractions, including a 250-room luxury hotel, high-tech film and audio production facilities, and a state-of-the-art 3,000-seat concert venue.