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CEO Derrick Godfrey Scores a Slam Dunk at iHoops

The Online Component features several videos packed with tips to improve skills ranging from ball handling to dribbling to shooting. Godfrey notes that this education is a primary goal of the organization, which strives to teach fundamentals of the game to the site’s nearly 750,000 monthly visitors. When they’re not scoping out clips of the training regimen of

Oklahoma City Thunder Forward and Olympian Kevin Durant or learning how to increase speed through jump rope drills, youngsters can also get advice on landing a basketball-related college scholarship or read articles about how to become a team leader.

Of course, in this age of social media, iHoops also makes its presence felt on Facebook (with nearly 370,000 likes), Twitter (more than 13,000 followers), and YouTube (86,000-plus video views).

“As we continue to progress as a society from a technical perspective, both kids and adults will be pulled from their desktops, so digital devices will become more important, even more so than they are now,” Godfrey says. “The iPad, the iPod, the Android, the hand-held, the Sidekicks–all of these devices, primarily smartphones, are going to be used more and more to convey information to our young people and we have to be in a position to offer it in the manner that they are willing to digest it.”

In response to its increasingly mobile demographic, iHoops’ website is mobile-enabled, meaning that it will adjust itself for better viewing on smartphones. There is also an iHoops app for the Apple/iPhone Operating System. Godfrey stresses that while the desktop site is important, kids tend to get info and process it while on the go. “They have these devices in their pockets, in their backpacks, and we want to make sure that we’re there.”

No matter where or how parents and coaches access iHoops, they too will find resources geared toward them, including topics such as Schools & Camps and Health & Safety for group one, and Practice Drills and Developing Your Program for the second.

“We want to instill a sense in youth that one day they can become leaders,” Isch adds to iHoops’ mission. “We want to motivate them to think for themselves and make smart decisions. We want them to understand that there can be a balance between athletics and academics. Many believe they are going to the pros, but many are just not. That is the truth. Their best insurance policy is to leave college with a degree in hand.”