CMPD Chief Addresses Video Of Black Woman Punched On The Ground By Police

CMPD Chief Addresses Video Of Black Woman Punched On The Ground By Police

Charlotte-Mecklenburg NAACP President Corine Mack said the video was triggering and reminded her of George Floyd's incident.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has addressed a viral video circulating on social media of a Black woman being beaten and held down by North Carolina police officers.

According to WCNC Charlotte, CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings spoke to reporters on Nov. 15 to acknowledge concerns about the Instagram video, which shows a white CMD officer who appears to be repeatedly punching a woman lying on the ground as four other officers hold her down.

Jennings, who described the video as “hard to watch,” said, “To everyone and to our community, I get it.”

He continued, “I understand the outrage; I understand the emotions that come when you look at a video that involves an officer who is punching a female who we’re trying to make the arrest and subdue. I understand that.”

CMPD released a statement on Nov. 14 that claimed one of their officers was allegedly assaulted by the female subject after police caught her and a male smoking marijuana. The woman was struck in the thigh several times as she resisted arrest. She took seven strikes to the knee by an officer and 10 closed fist strikes to her peroneal nerve. The male was arrested and found carrying a 9mm handgun.

“I had the opportunity to view this video, and it is not easy to watch,” Jennings said in a statement, according to WCNC Charlotte. “I never want to see an officer, much less one of my own, involved in a situation like this.”

The incident, which occurred near South Tryon Street and West Arrowood Road after 2 p.m. on Nov. 13, involved Anthony Lee, 37, and Christina Pierre, 24, NBC News reported. Lee and Pierre were charged with simple possession of marijuana and resisting an officer. Lee was also charged with carrying a concealed firearm and Pierre with assault on a government official. According to Citrus County Chronicle, Bojangles Vice President of Communications Stacey McCray confirmed that the subjects were employees of Bojangles who had clocked out for the day and were away from the premises. Chief Jennings is working to release bodycam footage, which the officer claimed fell off during the skirmish.

Internal Affairs is leading an investigation.

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