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Coaching Through Crisis

you’re seeing your business line of credit get cut. A business coach can help you determine what kinds of strategies you can put in place to stay in business.” For laid-off employees thinking about going in business for themselves, a business coach can help them determine whether that’s the best move at this time and determine the best way to get started. For more information, visit

Life coaches: Though these professionals can help you maneuver through career challenges, they are particularly trained to help clients work through personal life events. To the extent that a layoff or tough economy affects a client’s personal and professional life, many career issues can overlap and be dealt with by a life coach. To find a life coach, visit

Career consultants: Unlike coaches who are hired to help employees work through long-term planning and strategizing, career consultants are hired to do a specific task such as update a resume or work with you on your presentation skills. “When you’re dealing with a consultant it’s focused on a specific deliverable –a particular issue you want to get done,” says Flynn-White. With increased competition for jobs, a resume writer can offer the expertise to make your resume stand out from the pile. For more information, see the National Resume Writers’ Association.