Consumer Confidence Reaches 9-Month High

Consumer confidence is looking up.

The University of Michigan says in its Survey of Consumers that consumer sentiment rose to 84.1 in April; that’s up from 80 the month before. This is just one point below last July’s measure of 85.1.

U.S. consumer confidence has managed to reach the highest level since the recession began in 2007.

Americans are reporting increased optimism about their personal finances and about the economy.

Furthermore, consumers said they have managed to reduce their debt. They have also reported a benefit from increased hiring and an increase in home and stock prices. However, not all of the survey results were rosy.

Roughly 28% of the survey respondents said their personal finances were not getting better. However, this is a decrease from 37% last month, the lowest level since April 2007.

The Survey of Consumers also reports that Americans are slightly more confident about their ability to find jobs in the future.