7 Cool Science Jobs That Don't Require Advanced Degree

7 Cool Science Jobs That Don’t Require Advanced Degree

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So you’re into STEM careers but you think you have to get your PhD? Well, think again. Unless that’s an endeavor you really want to pursue (you may need it for advancement) you can still get that cool science job without it. Brazen Careerist details several:

Sonographer: They’re the scuba divers of the human body. While you don’t literally go inside, you do use ultrasound technology to see the organs hidden deep below the skin’s surface. Your high-tech job helps doctors assess and diagnose diseases and injuries.

Like some other medical jobs, you can break into this field in more than one way. A bachelor’s or associate’s degree in sonography, or–if you’re already a trained health pro like a nurse–a one-year certificate program can prepare you for this career.

Job Outlook: 44%

Average Salary: $64,000

Veterinary Technician
Whether you’re working to keep pets healthy at a vet practice or helping scientists perform research in a lab, your main goal is to make sure animals are treated carefully and humanely. And when it comes to your education, you’ve got options: there are jobs available for people with either a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree in veterinary technology.

Job Outlook: 52%

Average Salary: $30,000

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