Crunching The Energy Crisis Numbers

Crunching The Energy Crisis Numbers

At the Town Hall Meeting on Monday…

According to Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Obama said he will take $150 billion and invest in the auto industry to make hydroelectric vehicles, and supplement other energy industries which will flood the country with green jobs. McCain is planning to give oil companies $4 billion in tax breaks.

She also said that Sen. McCain came to Michigan and said to those auto factory workers who lost their jobs “Your jobs are gone and they are not coming back.”

The candidate’s perspectives on what to do are so different. Is the reality of the nation’s energy crisis not as bad as we think? Will green jobs really be that easy to create? If elected will Sen. Obama pull green jobs out of a hat? If president, will McCain continue to allow oil CEOs to bank on the backs of the working poor. Whose reality do we live in? Whose reality will serve us all? Who knows?