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CultureCon Moderator Got The Business After Flubbing Issa Rae’s Name On Panel

Issa Rae’s fans corrected a moderator at CultureCon who botched the starlet’s name during her panel interview.

On Oct. 7, the issue arose when the moderator, Glenda McNeal, mispronounced Issa’s name as “Ih-suh” instead of “Ee-sah.” McNeal’s mispronunciation of Issa’s name irked several members of the audience, and they set the AMEX exec straight. Their immediate shouts of the actual saying threw the moderator and Issa off track of their conversation. Issa spoke about her journey and the success of her business, Color Creative.

However, their insistence led to the American Express executive correcting herself, pronouncing Issa’s name correctly and apologizing to her promptly afterward. Amid the crowd getting louder, McNeal lightly urged the audience to “calm down,” letting them know that she was “part of the community” before things got too hectic.

Issa, sitting next to her, was also surprised by the outburst from attendees, laughing alongside the McNeal as they attempted to get the discussion back on track.

“And it’s okay to be vulnerable and don’t get it right all the time,” McNeal stated in the footage obtained by the tabloid. “That’s my life. That is my life, and you should embrace it.”

In the Black community, a reclamation of one’s name, whether of an African origin or derived from their parent’s minds, is a growing trend as individuals speak up to be referred to correctly. Fans of the multifaceted entertainers ensured that Issa’s name was pronounced loud, proud, and, most importantly, accurate.

Despite the hiccup, the conversation went as planned, with the “Insecure” creator sharing insight into making diverse spaces in Hollywood.