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Defensive Moves

currently trades at $48.15. Paige predicts the price will hit $80 over the next 12 months. “Most new oil finds are sour crude, which Valero processes in a more efficient manner. That gives them a unique competitive edge.”

Stock Picks

Company Exchange: Symbol Price* 12- to 18-Month Price Target P/E on Projected 2006 Earnings Est. 5-Yr. Annual EPS Growth Rate Why Stock Will Outperform
Office Depot (NYSE: ODP) $39.54  $50  40.2  1.0%  The new CEO has a successful history of revitalizing companies.
Amgen Inc. (Nasdaq: AMGN) $7.22 $85 29.6 2.29 The company’s growth and market share are increasing impressively.
MEMC Electronic Materials (NYSE: WFR) $37.95 $50 18.1 1.70 This tech supplier is expanding into the alternative energy industry, concentrating on solar energy
Fannie Mae (NYSE: FNM) $54.94 $70 n/a n/a Investors will appreciate the financial services firm’s reinstated dividend.
Valero Energy Corp. (NYSE: VLO) $48.15 $80 7.0 7.8 Valero is the leader in oil refining and they do it inexpensively– lower oil and gas prices are en route.

* As of Sept. 25, 2006. Source: Dawn Alston Paige, Yahoo! Finance, Etrade.