Democratic National Convention

Democratic National Convention

It’s day one – and we’re inside the Pepsi Center for the Democratic National Convention.

About every five minutes, a different speaker speaks from the podium, pumping up thousands of delegates and ardent supporters in attendance.

Most of the speakers, so far, have been either state senators or union leaders, but in a few hours we’re expected to possibly hear speeches from Sen. Edward Kennedy, Barack’s  half-sister, his brother-in-law, his wife, Michelle, and even a moderate Republican who has broke rank, and is now endorsing Obama’s campaign for president.

John Legend just took the stage.  It’s the first time I’ve seen the crowd actually sit still.  His song must be striking a chord.

“We Can….”

“If you’re out there?”


Backed by a huge choir, this resembles an awards show.  And the Oscar goes to Barack Obama.

Celebrity.  Populist change and democracy.  The party is actually showing some unity with great fanfare.
At some point we’ll get to the meat of this convention.  After all, it’s the economy – to put it bluntly – that’s on voters minds. But don’t be surprised if day one is more of a pep rally – and a re-introduction of sorts of Obama, the family man, child of a single parent, and the quintessential American dream…. Who just might, if voters get their way, become the next United States president.

Shon Gables is the host of the Black Enterprise Business Report syndicated television show.