Biden motorcade, Detroit

Detroit Business Owner Rides With President Joe Biden, Talks Shop And More

Darren Riley and President Joe Biden talked about politics, leadership, and business development on their ride together.

Environmental tech company owner Darren Riley rode in the presidential motorcade with President Joe Biden on Feb. 1 and talked about the Detroit community one-on-one with him.

Riley met Biden on the Selfridge Air National Guard Base after receiving an invitation from the presidential campaign team. The 32-year-old was given the opportunity to have a private conversation with the president, asking him for advice on his company, JustAir, and learning more about his politics.

Riley talked to CNN about his ride in the armored SUV with President Biden. He said, “It was a shock. I’m still processing it.”

Riley described the day at the outlet. He said that he and Biden rode through Detroit and visited local restaurants and places while Biden asked about his childhood, business, and life.

“He asked me who I am and what I’m about. He grabbed my hand and looked me in the eye,” Riley explained.

“Even if you’re on different sides of the spectrum … it’s important that we’re in this together. You have to build that rapport and that trust,” Biden told the environmental tech company owner.

According to Biden’s campaign officials, the president intends to travel more as the election approaches to emphasize retail politics, personal connections with his supporters, and understanding real business needs. Campaign officials said they offered Riley a chance to ride with Biden for half an hour to “give the president more time and space to hear directly from a constituent.”

Riley admitted that he learned a lot from Biden as they talked. He told the outlet, “He talked about multiple topics, the things he’s juggling and navigating and processing. He is very sharp. That man? He’s sharp. He’s with it.”

He said that the unemployment rate for Black Americans has declined during Biden’s presidency and that the president had a lot of plans to decrease the “widespread pain and suffering in the world.”

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