Diddy Calls Out Warner Bros. Studios For Banning His Joker Costume

Diddy allegedly received a letter from Warner Bros. Studios demanding he not dress up as the Joker.

Diddy ate and left no crumbs when he dressed up as the Joker for Halloween 2022. But he performed so well that night that Warner Bros. Studios reportedly banned him from dressing as its iconic character this year.

The Bad Boy founder took to social media on Tuesday, Oct. 31, to reveal the slight disappointment he faced on Halloween when he allegedly received a letter from Warner Bros. Studios preventing him from dressing up as the Joker.

“HALLOWEEN BREAKING NEWS,” he captioned the post.

“Breaking Halloween news: last year after I did the Black Joker, I got a bunch of emails from the studio telling me to not be the Joker anymore, that I was breaching the trademark. So I dont know what I’m going to be this year,” Diddy said.

“To the motherfu*ker that took all this time… to tell me not to be the Joker, you win. I’m not going to be the Joker this year because your ass had enough time to fu*k up my motherfu*king Halloween.”

But Brother Love got the last laugh as he stepped out on Halloween night in his Batman costume he dubbed “The Darkest Knight.”

Diddy appeared on Jimmy Kimmel on Monday, where he first revealed his alleged conflict with Warner Bros. Studios.

“Last year I was the Joker, and I actually got a letter from the studio that I can no longer be the Joker because they said it broke their trademark that I did it too good, I swear,” Diddy told Kimmel. “I have this letter from Warner Brothers.”

“Warner Brothers lawyers, can you see me? Put this camera on me right here. Head of legal, tomorrow, watch what I do,” he added.

Diddy bounced back with his Batman costume that seemingly took a jab at Warner Bros.’s alleged formal threat.

The Love Records CEO might’ve switched it up for Halloween 2023. But no one will ever forget how legendary his Joker costume was last year.