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DoorDash App Now Warns Tip-Wary Customers of Longer Delivery Times

The Verge reports DoorDash has recently introduced a pop-up feature within its app that serves as a reminder for customers who opt not to include a tip when placing their orders.

When a customer enters $0 as the tip amount in the app, a message appears, warning them that orders without tips might experience longer delivery times. According to Jenn Rosenberg, a spokesperson for DoorDash, the feature is being tested to enhance the overall experience for the app’s users.

“As independent contractors, Dashers have full freedom to accept or reject offers based on what they view as valuable and rewarding,” Rosenberg said. “While most customers do leave a tip, offers that don’t include a tip can be seen as less desirable–this impacts our entire community, leading to longer wait times for customers, orders sitting longer at merchants, and less value for Dashers.”

Rosenberg clarified that the reminder screen is in its pilot phase, and the company is eager to evaluate the results and gather user feedback.

The Verge reports that the feature is not available in every state. A colleague in New Jersey received the prompt; another in South Carolina did not.

While tipping is a common practice in the United States, the concept of pre-tipping in the gig economy is relatively recent. Customers can still provide a tip in cash or through the DoorDash app after delivery, depending on their preference.

The preference for pre-tipped orders among drivers may be linked to DoorDash’s modified payment method. In 2019, DoorDash altered its payment structure after revelations that it wasn’t passing the full amount of customer tips to drivers. Under the revised system, drivers receive a base rate, and any tips are added on top of that amount. Drivers may favor orders with upfront tips since it provides them with more predictable earnings.