Dwyane Wade Recalls ‘Scary’ Talk With Gabrielle Union About His Child With Another Woman

Dwyane Wade is noting the “work” he still has to do in his marriage to Gabrielle Union-Wade after admittedly fathering a child with another woman.

Wade got candid on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast about the time he had to inform Union-Wade about his son Xavier, a child he fathered while they were on a short break in their relationship. It was 2013, and the NBA Hall of Famer tried to end their relationship at the time, but the “Being Mary Jane” star wasn’t going anywhere.

“I tried to pussyfoot around it, I tried to break up with her,” Wade said of the “hard conversation” he was forced to have.

“‘Hey, things have been bad lately,’ ‘Hey, we’ve been having a little distance in our relationship anyway,’ I tried all of that. She kept showing up.”

Wade recalled how “scary” it was having to sit Union down and tell her the hard truth.

“You’re thinking about it all, it’s all scary,” he said. “One, the whole situation is scary enough, you’re a public figure.”

“But you know that this is going to hurt someone that you’ve been building a relationship with and a life with,” he added.

Wade continued. “No matter what people say on the outside, or what people want to think, ultimately you gotta sit with you, and you gotta sit with this person, and I had to sit with my wife and have this conversation.”

Union-Wade chose to forgive her beau and the two went on to get engaged in December 2013 before tying the knot the following in August. In 2018, they welcomed their daughter Kaavia James Wade via surrogate. Together they share Wade’s two children with his ex-wife son Zaire, 21, and daughter Zaya, 16, as well as his son Xavier, 9, with Aja Metoyer. Wade is also the legal guardian of his nephew, Dahveon Morris, 21.

While in happier times, Wade admits he’s still at “work” repairing the damage he caused nine years ago.

“It hasn’t been perfect, it will never be perfect but that was nine years ago,” Wade admits. “We go to therapy, we’ve had shouts about it, we’ve had regular conversations about, and so it’s been something that going to be something that I have to work at and work on.”

“It doesn’t go away because years come or because I say ‘sorry,'” he added.

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