Eco-Friendly Mompreneur Talks Why You Should Go Green

Eco-Friendly Mompreneur Talks Why Black Families Should Go Green

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It’s World Earth Day. And this African American female owner of an eco-friendly baby products boutique in Atlanta is offering some insider tips. Former music industry veteran Phnewfula Fredericksen owns HAPPY MANGO, a retail store that sells “green” products for newborns and up.

“I left the music industry in 2015 because I needed to be fully present for my kids,” she says. “I quit my job and moved back to Atlanta. I also wanted my children to be closer to my mother.” She has worked with the likes of Jill Scott, 50 Cent, Gwen Stefani, Common, Patti Labelle, Kandi Burruss, Wiz Khalifa, and countless others.

Phnewfula launched Happy Mango as a pop-up shop in the Krog Street Market from October to January of last year, where she built a steady local following among “tree-huggers” and eco-enthusiastic parents. “As a mother, you want to create the healthiest, safest environment for your children,” she says.

Fredericksen maintains that “going green” isn’t as hard. caught up with the mompreneur for a few facts on why your family should go green:

Money savings! Breastfeeding is considered eco-friendly because there is no waste.  No formula cans to chuck, less bottles being used, less water used to wash bottles, and if exclusively fed on the breast there is no chance of harmful chemicals leaching into your baby’s milk from your boobs. It also saves about $1,200 a year!

Using green cleaning solutions is best. Babies’ lungs and skin are very sensitive and inhaling toxins from traditional cleaners may cause your baby to have a higher risk for respiratory issues and skin reactions. Not to mention babies put EVERYTHING in their mouth. I’m certain Windex doesn’t taste good!

Eco-diapering has evolved since the days of cloth diapers and pins. With biodegradable, hybrid, and updated cloth diapers, choosing this earth-friendly option is more convenient than ever. Traditional diapers take about 200-500 years to decompose. They are also single-use, which costs more money!  You can save about $500 a year by switching to cloth diapers.

Going green means shopping local. This helps fund the community you live in, as well as creating local jobs. Buying “Made in the U.S.” products saves on jet fuel and air pollution to get the products here.

Eco-friendly toys are those that don’t require batteries and aren’t made of plastic. Having toys that require thinking and manual manipulation gives your baby brains!

Traditional crib mattresses contain toxic chemicals. Your baby spends 10-14 hours a day sleeping on a mattress, thus inhaling and laying on all of those chemicals.  Some mattresses can also put off gas for up to seven years! Inhaling those toxic gasses can cause anything from headaches to skin rashes to respiratory issues.