Artist Creates Make America Native Again Hat To Counter Trump

Entrepreneur Creates ‘Make America Native Again’ Hat To Counter Trump Supporters

Donald Trump supporters can be seen wearing a red baseball cap with the caption: “Make America Great Again” hats.  In response to the Republican Presidential Nominee’s campaign slogan is a product that hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s a red baseball cap featuring the slogan: “Make America Native Again.”

Injustice Against Native People and Others

 Vanessa Bowen, a Navajo artist and entrepreneur, created a “Make America Native Again” hat to incite conversation around the marginalized population of indigenous people in the U.S. “A lot of people overlook that America’s history has been built upon injustice against other racial groups, including Native people,” Bowen, 31, states.

The inspiration behind “Make America Native Again” comes from learning and respecting the Native American values and culture that has been erased by colonialism, and whose values have been under attack by Trump. Her design was built on satire to turn the conversation of “Make America Great Again” in on itself.

“When Donald Trump says, ‘Make America Great Again,’ what time period is he talking about?” Bowen told ABC News. “A lot of people overlook that America’s history has been built upon injustice against other racial groups, including Native American people.”

Make America Native Again, to her, “means going back to sustainability and learning to live in harmony with the environment,” she said. “It means going back to a matriarchal society in which we value and respect our women. It means going back to a sense of unity and community in which we nurture and care for each other rather than tear apart and divide each other.”

Combating False Stereotypes

She also told ABC News that she hopes that her slogan, and her pointed critique of Trump, will “spread more awareness about Native Americans and encourage more natives to write and tell our own stories so more people can know the truth and don’t have to rely on these false stereotypes.”

Reportedly, she originally only made 12 hats for her friends, but soon received tons of requests and inquiries by people in her community. She has since received backlash, hateful messages online.

Racist, Rich White Men

What’s more, an image of the hat worn by Christina M. Castro on her Facebook page went viral. A Native woman, Castro reportedly works as a staff facilitator for Tewa Women United’s A’Gin Program: Healthy Sexuality & Body Sovereignty Project. She’s also the managing editor of the Santa Fe Indian School Leadership Institute’s youth publication, The Yucca Cord.

“You know it’s interesting how Trump, a rich, white man can be blatantly racist and it’s ok,” notes Castro, reports the Indian Country Today Media Network. “When people of color have a response, we are quickly shut down. We Native American people have an increasingly powerful voice that will not be silenced!”

Bowen Creative is a  graphic design firm. “Make America Native Again” hats, tanks, and other items, are on sale for $25 at its website.