Entrepreneur Overkill: 7 Reasons Your Business Needs Office Hours

Entrepreneur Overkill: 7 Reasons Your Business Needs Office Hours

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1. You need deadlines. What time does your work day end?  If you are like me, it varies based on the amount of work you have for the day and according to Parkinson’s Law, the more hours in the work day you allow yourself, the more work you will find to do.  However, how much faster would you work if your work had a stop time?  Being able to elongate your day to accommodate the tasks in front of you can result in less production.  You can take a quick call, answer a few emails, etc. instead of staying on task because there’s no end to your day.  Your work needs a deadline for you to work towards otherwise the tasks become less of a priority.

2. You need priorities. “No,” is a complete sentence.  Say it with me, “No.”  It is hard to understand, but not everything is going to get done today.  Or tomorrow.  Or ever.  It isn’t important enough.  With a long day you feel the things that don’t need to get done have a place in your business.  Nope.  Shorten your day and really focus on those things that bring you money, exposure, a learning opportunity or a new contact.  Make what’s important a priority and shut the day down having the unimportant stuff wait.

3. You need to quit. There are two reasons for this.  First, have you ever noticed how much you get done when you aren’t doing anything?  Having a time every day when you know you can think of your next big project or overarching big, audacious, hair goal for your company is important.  Even though this thinking may still be for work, your brain needs to know and look forward to the time it can do this regularly. Second, remember quitting time at your old 9-5?  Remember how hard you worked when you knew it was five o’clock, or Friday, or the day before a holiday, or, God bless it, vacation?  The endorphins kicked in and boom, you and your work were on fire.  Having office hours can give you that same sort of endorphin rush and push.  Getting something done and knowing there is no going back tomorrow is a great way to end a day, get some sleep and let your mind work on new projects.

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