[Entrepreneurs of the Week] Bold Beardsmen is Redefining the Grooming Experience For Men

Entrepreneur of the Week: How Bold Beardsmen is Redefining the Grooming Experience For Men

Describe your biggest challenge? How did you overcome it?
Our biggest challenge was that we did not have any entrepreneurial experience. There is a lot of “on the job learning” and figuring things out as we go. The beauty of starting a business in today’s age is the unlimited amount of information at our fingertips. If you really take the time out to learn, you can pretty much teach yourself how to do anything.
Every time my partner and I sat down to discuss strategy, the first things we addressed were:

What are we doing well?
What can we work on?
And how do we learn what we don’t know?

It was a legitimate way to remind ourselves that we had to outwork every similar company in this growing industry.

You used money from your savings account and spent time in your mother’s basement to develop products. What other sacrifices did you make to turn your vision into reality? 
Essentially, money always tends to be the prefacing sacrifice when starting a business but it quickly became more than just that. The time that we have spent growing is the time that other people may allocate to spending with friends and family or leisure activity, but as you develop you must keep in mind that these sacrifices are necessary when building something you truly believe in.

What makes your business unique?
As a brand, we aren’t too concerned with the crowd. We try not to focus on comparing ourselves to our competitors because this can start to affect the authenticity of the way we do things.

By watching what everyone else is doing, you subconsciously start to adapt to a standard of how the industry does things and in turn, end up stifling your creativity. We rather just listen to our audience and have fun with it.
The thought of inspiring others and showing people like us that they can create successful businesses too is what continues to drive us.

Can you share any career advice you heard as a young adult, but glad you didn’t follow?
As an up and coming entrepreneur, you’ll often hear “you’re young, take your time”, but in all honesty, there is no real good time to start a business. You just have to start now, make mistakes, learn from them and keep going and oh, and who needs 8 hours of sleep?