Cool Jobs: Global Actress and Author Esosa E

Cool Jobs: How Global Actress and Author Esosa E Paves Her Own Lane in a Creative Career

Your latest venture is your book. Why venture into diet and nutrition advocacy and book publishing?

I’d moved to the Virginia/D.C. area to clear my head a few years ago, and I had really bad skin at that time. My diet helped to transform it and people would ask me what I did. I started my blog, Raw Girl in a Toxic World, with no readers, and it grew to thousands of readers from around the globe. Finally, I wrote my first book, The Acne Free Diet, and my second, Parasites be Gone. I got the idea for Got Veg after getting questions from readers about natural remedies and plant-based diets. I wanted to write something that would break down what a plant-based diet actually is, make it relatable, and get back to basics. I also wanted to provide actionable plans for what readers can immediately do for this type of diet.

The book also gives you information on the levels of the diet and all the nutrients you need to be optimum. And it’s not just plant eaters that need this. Meat eaters need it too. How tos on setting up your kitchen and recipes are included too. I wanted it to be fun and accessible.

Also, I always back things up with research. I’ve studied at the master’s level in nutrition, health and biochemistry. I’ve also had many awesome experiences interviewing health experts, and I’m one to live what I preach. I like to make it apparent by example that I’m walking the talk.

You’re of Nigerian descent, and there are so many traditional delicious dishes that include meat or meat products. How do you stick to your diet with the palate that you grew up with—that’s part of that comfort-food, cultural experience?

When I first started it was this desire to be 100% raw, but the best place to have a healthy diet is to be flexible within perimeters. I don’t eat processed food and animal products–those are my boundaries—but if I’m in Ghana and I have to eat something cooked and its vegan, that’s fine. I feel the best when I’m eating raw, but your diet shouldn’t be so rigid that you can’t survive in different environments.

Awesome. So what’s next for Esosa E? Does Ngozi actually lose her virginity in season two of an ‘African City’?

I’m the lead actress in a film shooting in Philadelphia called Friends of Rome. I’m excited about that. It’s a really talented director, interesting cast and amazing story. I love the character so much.

And shooting for the second season of An African City is about to start as well. Nicole would kill me if I told any details! Ngozi? Losing her virginity? Perhaps.

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