Steve Ballmer Puts in a $1.9 Billion Bid for the LA Clippers

Ex-Microsoft CEO Offers to Pay $1.8 Billion for LA Clippers

Donald Sterling Agrees to Drop Lawsuit

Ex-Microsoft CEO Puts in a $1.9 Billion Bid for LA ClippersAccording to CBS Sports, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has put in a $1.8 Billion bid to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers. Ballmer was once part of an unsuccessful attempt to buy the Sacramento Kings.

Shelly Sterling, wife of Donald Sterling and co-owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, had reportedly set a Wednesday 5 p.m. deadline for people to bid on the team. Donald Sterling has been banned from operating the team and fined $2.5 million for making racist comments on an audiotape.

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Ballmer, who retired from Microsoft four months ago, has a net worth of $20 billion.

NBA owners are voting on June 3 to force Sterling and his wife Rochelle to sell the team.

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