Famous Boss Women Paying It Forward
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

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No longer is the word “boss” strictly used to reference one’s higher up in the workplace. Pop culture has officially taken over the term as a nod to anyone making notable moves. Single mothers, college grads, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, politicians and others of the like are all deemed bosses in the new millennium. With their astounding résumés, the following celeb women have proven they too are worthy of the title. But what really ranks them as some of the bossiest of bosses is their dedication of time and resources to helping humanity. Take notes from these five famous boss women paying it forward.

Tyra Banks

Despite the supermodel, CEO, TV producer, two-time Emmy-winner, New York Times bestselling author and Harvard grad’s busy schedule, Tyra makes time to give back through her own foundation TZONE. TZONE, headquartered at the Lower East Side Girls Club in New York City, “invests in girls and young women to help them realize their ambitions, discover new possibilities within themselves, and approach life’s challenges with fierce determination,” as shared in the mission statement. Every year, Tyra Banks hosts the Flawsome Ball where A-list celebrity guests and industry takstmakers celebrate and raise funds in support of TZONE’S initiatives.

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