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Georgia DA Fani Willis, Nathan Wade Affair Triggers Calls For Disbarment

The complaint states, Wade and "his incompetence poses to vulnerable members of the public requires his exclusion from the profession."

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and attorney Nathan Wade face ethics complaints alleging improprieties in their past relationship.

The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) has requested the Georgia State Bar revoke Willis’ law license and disbar Wade for allegedly lying under oath. According to Fox 5, the AAF cited Willis’ Feb. 15 testimony addressing cash reimbursements to Wade with no documented transactions.

When asked about the money’s origins, she replied: “Cash is fungible. I’ve had cash for years in my house. So for me to tell you the source of where it comes from … when you go to Publix, and you buy something, and you get 50 dollars, and you throw it in there. It’s been my whole life. When I took out a large amount of money during my first campaign, I kept some of the cash of that.”

The conservative opposition research group alleged the statement represents Willis admitting to misusing campaign finances for personal spending while Georgia Campaign Finance law prohibits candidates from utilizing campaign funds for non-campaign purposes like gifts or loans.

“The statute is unambiguous – and the facts are not in dispute – as Ms. Willis described in her testimony, she placed the money that was intended for her campaign into a “fungible” slush fund with other moneys that she would use for various other purposes, including reimbursing her boyfriend for leisure travel,” the AAF states in the complaint. 

The complaint against Wade focuses on his sworn interrogatory during divorce proceedings, denying extramarital relations despite his affair with Willis. Wade claimed his marriage was already “irretrievably broken,” though not legally dissolved when he became involved with Willis. “First, it is simply not credible that Mr. Wade did not know that he had sexual relations with Ms. Willis when he replied to the interrogatories above in his divorce case,” the complaint argues.

Furthermore, the AAF alleges Wade’s flawed rationale around legal marriage demonstrates incompetence, posing risks to potential future clients. “The Bar owes the profession and the public a duty to guard the practice from charlatans and incompetents,” the complaint reads.

BLACK ENTERPRISE previously mentioned that Robin Bryant-Yeartie, a former friend of Willis, testified in a Feb. 15 hearing that the district attorney started dating Wade shortly after meeting at a 2019 conference. The date contradicted the 2021 date Wade stated in his testimony. The attorney’s ex-wife, Jocelyn, accused Willis of having an affair with Wade and allegedly using funds from Willis’ office for lavish trips.

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