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Fashion Forward

ranging from Donnie McClurkin to Britney Spears, to contract negotiations and partnership speculations for the parent company. Siegel will plan his wardrobe based on his objectives for the end result of these meetings. “How you dress really does influence your outcome,” he offers. “What I would wear to meet with a hip hop artist is different from what I would wear for a meeting with a gospel artist or a business manager.”

Keeping that in mind, Siegel tends to plan creative meetings on Mondays and Fridays and schedule business meetings during the middle of the week. “If I’m in the studio or having a creative meeting, I’m less inclined to wear a dress coat. I may wear jeans. For a more formal meeting, I’ll wear a sports coat and slacks, no tie.”

Janice Corley-Blaney
CEO/PresidentRemax Exclusive Properties
Chicago, Illinois
Corley-Blaney recommends St. John for those who may be less inclined to sport high-fashion designers. “It used to be extremely basic but now offers a little more flair to its collection.” She suggests trying one color scheme when purchasing outfits, such as a slip dress with a jacket, skirt, and pants. “That allows you the flexibility of creating four or five different looks.”

Invest in quality clothing. According to Corley-Blaney, “It will never go out of style.”
Clothing: Bustier top, jacket, skirt and shoes by St. John.

Janice Corley-Blaney operates the No. 1 Remax real estate office in the state. It is No. 8 in the nation and had a sales volume of $537 million in 2002. Corley-Blaney is aggressive about recruiting the industry’s best agents, and she’s got a closet full of Roberto Cavalli, Bottega Veneta, Prada, and St. John to help her accomplish that. “It’s all about how people relate to you,” she explains. “The clothes we wear set the tone, the attitude. Clothes help you with your energy, and my job is to be very up and energetic.”

Corley-Blaney currently coaches 170 agents. She spends her days enlisting new agents, attending meetings with current agents, and out in the field with developers or upper bracket clients speculating on purchases of $5 million and above.

She will don a St. John suit or dress with a jacket if meeting a more mature client, or one with corporate inclinations. “If I’m meeting with a young client, I’ll sport a bustier with a suit by Terry Muglier or Prada; or a French cuffed blouse with a skirt, or a pair of pants. I always wear my stilettos.”