Femi Wasserman, The Only Black Female Executive in Fantasy Sports

Femi Allen Wasserman: Fantasy Sports Isn’t Just for Men

Femi Allen Wasserman Fantasy Sports
(Image: Steve Tozin)

DraftKings Femi Allen Wasserman

I spend a good portion of every day reading and consuming media. I read everything related to the industry, including articles about us, competitors, and the industry overall. I also actively monitor social media. Another portion of the day is performing analysis on previous media pieces published. I want to see whether or not articles hit our key demographics and/or sent new traffic to our site. Finally, I also develop communication strategies for media coverage based on upcoming initiatives.

You are a married mother of five children, you work full-time, and it’s not an easy position. What’s your secret? How do you function (that’s if you do function) in juggling between being a mother, wife, and businessperson?

I actually don’t work full-time. Thanks to an incredibly flexible organization, I work half-time, and with their blessing, have sub-contracted an agency to complement what I do. I think this is important to point out because there are many work arrangements that can work for professionals with families – sometimes all you have to do is ask and provide ideas. I think as mothers, we think we have to be superwomen – we burn the candle at both ends so long and fast that before long we have nothing left to give.

I have five children – three I inherited, and twin boys I contributed. My twin boys are both autistic and participate in many hours of therapy a week. My husband is a small business owner and 15 families depend on him to earn a living. So, when we began discussing starting a family, we were in agreement that I would come up with an alternative approach to my career so that we could give the time to our children that we both thought was of paramount importance. I had to figure out a way continue to advance my career in a way that left enough time for my family, and as importantly, myself. That took creative thinking, networking, flexibility, and a willingness to ask for help. Even at half-time, it’s tough, but we have a balance that works for us. I’ve reinvented myself and my career, and done so in a way that means that I still get to fully be a part of my household.

What advice would you give anyone who has an interest in the fantasy sports industry?

Go for it! It’s a fast growing industry, so there are jobs to be had, but it is niche. Network, join online fantasy sports forums, attend conferences, and comment on Twitter. Recruiting in this industry can be unconventional, but the flip side is that the leadership is typically more accessible than in more traditional industries. Reach out and ask!

Do you participate in fantasy sports and if you do, how does your score sheet typically look?

Unfortunately, I don’t play as much as I used to. I’m limited to private games at work, and I typically place last, so I won’t be giving any tips here. Did you see the part where I said I have five kids?!