Entrepreneur Creates New Dance Class 'Kerboomka'

Fitness Trainer and Entrepreneur Creates New Dance Class ‘Kerboomka’

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How much capital did it take to begin the business, and how did you acquire it?

I acquired it through passion, dedication, and hard work. I didn’t get capital. I used my own money to start this business.

How many classes are you currently teaching, and how many clients do you serve?

We average about 20 classes a week. We are in the Reebok stores in New York, Lucille Roberts on Long Island, N.Y. Health and Racquet in New York, and Ripley Grier Studios in New York. We are Long Island-based, but have expanded to New Jersey, Connecticut, and soon, Miami and Los Angeles. We average around 30 to 40 people in the class. My average is around 70-80 people per class.

Can you please walk me through what a typical Kerboomka class is like?

A typical Kerboomka class is not typical. Our instructor’s walk into class wild, crazy, and motivated to inspire. Kerboomka isn’t just a dance class, it’s a lifestyle. We provide that lifestyle- changing experience in every class. We introduce ourselves and start with a short, inspiring quote to get people ready to have a good time. We don’t want them to feel like they’re working out. We want them to have fun, laugh, and enjoy themselves. That’s what Kerboomka’s goal is.

Class begins with a warmup to a high-energy song, to get the body warmed up. After the warmup, we explain what Kerboomka is and the muscles that we are targeting. For my newbies, I tell them to take their time and have fun with the class. No stress, one step at a time, and ‘let’s get ready to rock’. I take a couple of counts and then jam to the music, then some more counts and jam to more music. After they learn a full choreography we rock out for 25 minutes to high-energy music. Through this section, they are being pumped and motivated to focus on muscles that engage the core. We inspire them to never give up, and to keep moving. After that, we cool down, end with another inspiring quote, and send my Kerboomkats off.

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