Former BET 106 and Park Host, 'Free' Shares Her Tips on Staying Fit
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Inside the Health and Fitness Regimen of BET’s 106 & Park, Free

Free posing in a striped jumpsuit

When I asked Free her key to eating out, she says “the truth is you can always choose something healthy or ask for something prepared specifically, and don’t eat it all at once. Save some for later.” She adds, “Think about it. They serve the same plate to women as they serve to men. Surely at 5 feet I’m not supposed to eat the same thing a 6 foot 2 man eats.”

Free mentions that her favorite meal is egg whites with spinach, peppers, and tomatoes with grilled chicken. She boasts that it’s fast and easy. She loves to cook, so veggie lasagna is also one of her specialties. You can even find some of Free’s “Sunday Eats” on her site, Freesworld and snag her amazing recipes.

Like anyone with a busy schedule, Free admits to having many setbacks, but says that she is managing them better now. One such setback is PMS. She mentions that it’s something not talked about much because it’s considered taboo. Like many women, a week before her flow she gets cravings and mood swings. Every month she fights through it and does her best to stay away from the salty and fatty foods she craves.

Another setback Free mentioned was an injury to her Achilles heel. She couldn’t work out as she normally does, which taught her to respect her body and not take it for granted. Her advice for the busy professional is “no matter what happens in your day, you can’t let anything stop you from taking care of your body. Without being in great shape you can’t’ really enjoy anything anyway.”

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