From Here To There

What does it take to get from one point in your life to the next? About 64 nudges in a positive direction, according to The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield with Janet Switzer (HarperResource; $24.95). This latest motivational manuscript by Canfield–of Chicken Soup for the Soul series fame–provides a roadmap designed to help you find your way.
Canfield identifies 64 achievement tenets, divided into six, easy-to-read sections covering success fundamentals, mental transformation, building a “success team,” the importance of relationships, managing money, and empowerment through immediate action. He illustrates them with his own life experience of going from minimum-wage earnings to millions, along with stories of other famous achievers (such as George Washington Carver and Bill Gates) and everyday people.

Admittedly, you’re probably familiar with many of the principles. For instance, Principle No. 5, “Believe in Yourself,” Principle No. 36, “Learn More to Earn More,” and Principle No. 58, “Pay Yourself First” are ideas BLACK ENTERPRISE (which is given a nod on page 146) has explored with readers for years. Nonetheless, Canfield’s straightforward writing style and use of humor help to present these tried-and-true nuggets of traditional wisdom in a fresh way.