[From Our Partners] Madame Noire: Ask a Man Series
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[From Our Partners] Madame Noire: Ask a Man Series

What happens when you get six African American men in a room together and the topic on the table is manhood and relationships? You can find out in the Season 2 premiere of Ask a Black Man. Madame Noire’s provocative series is back with a new group of black men and new topics. If you ever wanted to get a perspective on what black men of varying age and upbringing talk about when there are no women around, tune in!

Here are some memorable quotes from Season 2, Epidose 1:

“Manhood is making good decisions and putting others before yourself. … Manhood is misconstrued as macho, muscular, [and] taking control. But I think a man also needs to know how to cry, be sensitive, as well as how to ask for help.” —Randall Toby

“My father told me that one of the worst things black people were convinced of is that black men and black women hate each other. It breaks down our families [and] our communities, which affects us as a people.” —Tiq Milan

“As a trans man … I’m able to look at all of these tropes of masculinity that young boys are taught that are a problem … like calling young black boys “little man.” Tamir Rice was a “man” when they shot that 12-year-old boy. That’s a child.” —Tiq Milan

“My masculinity cannot be challenged. My ego and the image I have of myself can be challenged … But my masculinity is firm. It was bred, it was taught through trial and error.” —Zack Tate

“Somewhere in the dynamics of how males are taught to be men, there is this idea that they cannot give up power.” —Zack Tate

“Our perception of what [the] burden [of black manhood] is needs to change. We say it in a negative context, but I relish in this burden.” —Rodney Harris

“I look at being a black man and a leader as an honor. To me, it’s not a burden; I was chosen to be black …When I walk in the store, before I ask for anything, they’re going to see my color. That means I’ma let you know, I am the man … I’m gonna change the pace and let them know that what you think I am is not what I am to myself.” —Randall Toby

For more information, go to MadameNoire.com. You can catch the previous season of Ask a Black Man on YouTube.com.