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Fun, Fantastic Gifts

go since its two blending containers double as drinking or serving cups, and each comes with its own lid for easy transport.; $59.99

Cigar box
Cigar aficionados will love these compact humidors. A built-in humidification system keeps cigars fresh while traveling across town or across the country. The combination of the stainless steel cutter and water pipette make a nice finishing touch. Available in four colors, Cigar Pockets are perfect for storage in the car, home, or office.; $39-$99

Fine wine
Here’s a gift for those who love the links but find their swing comes up short. Despite its name, the Grumpy Golfer Wine Caddy will bring lots of laughter to their dinner table. The sculpture, made from recycled steel and copper, securely holds a 750 ml bottle of wine and doubles as a great conversation piece.; $69.95

Charge this!
Are cables and cords creating too much clutter? Buy the Mahogany Charging Station, an all-in-one organizer designed to store and charge cell phones, PDAs, iPods, and more simultaneously. A concealed six-outlet surge protector powers electronics while keeping everything neat. The top of the organizer holds up to four devices, while drawers and slots provide a home for keys and other small items.; $199