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Georgia Elementary School Teacher Accused Of Hitting Black Students, Parents Demand Answers

The fourth grade teacher is accused of hitting Black students after being upset that their laptops weren't charged.

A Georgia elementary school teacher is on leave after being accused of hitting several students, FOX 5 Atlanta reports.

Fourth-grade students at Dutchtown Elementary School in Henry County, Georgia, are accusing the teacher of getting upset over laptops not being charged. However, not all the students were punished—allegedly just the Black kids.

“She started yelling for us to get out, and she started hitting everybody on the back except for the white kids,” student Nevaeh said.

Her mother, Britney Walker, is calling for the teacher to be fired and for charges to be filed. “That’s abuse. That’s assault. That’s battery,” Walker said. “My daughter was abused at school by a teacher.”

The outlet reports the concerned mother said she received a call from the school’s principal saying her daughter was involved in an incident with other students and a staff member. While she asked for more specific information, the principal allegedly told her that Nevaeh was OK and it wasn’t a sexual altercation but a physical altercation.

Walker said she rushed to the school. Once her daughter got in the car, she could tell it was a serious situation. The fourth grader told her mom, “My back is hurting. Stinging and burning.” When Walker pulled up her daughter’s shirt, she saw welts on her back, looking like someone hit her.

Walker said the students asked, “Did she just hit us?” The teacher allegedly responded, “Yes, I did.” 

The distraught parent says she went to the principal and local authorities, asking for the teacher to be held accountable. “Nothing warranted you touching and abusing any kid,” Walker said, according to WSB-TV. “Dead Chromebooks and not having a charger? That makes no sense.”

“Human Resources is currently investigating a personnel matter at Dutchtown Elementary School following a report of a staff member having inappropriate interactions with students,” Henry County Schools said in a statement. “The employee has been placed on administrative leave while an investigation is conducted.”

The school district hasn’t revealed the accused schoolteacher’s identity. 

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