Medical Marijuana, Georgia

Georgia To Be First State To Sell Medical Marijuana In Pharmacies

Georgia is becoming a trailblazer in medical marijuana accessibility within the United States: The southern state is the first to sell cannabis in pharmacies.

After Governor Brian Kemp approved the Georgia Board of Pharmacy’s new ruling in September, pharmacies across Georgia can now sell low-dose THC products to those who meet the requirements for purchase. The THC in each dosage can only be up to 5%, according to CNN, but the plant’s compound that releases its “high” can help those struggling with health issues to diminish nausea, insomnia, or other pains.

However, sales will be for those who meet the strict requirements set by the conservative law. Despite GOP lawmakers’ fear that weed will be readily obtainable as over-the-counter-medicine, the new ruling states that only low-dose THC products will be available for patients who fit the detailed criteria for purchase through this method.

The products will range from oils, topicals, and ingestibles such as capsules and lozenges. However, residents of the state should not expect to see franchise pharmacies carrying the items. This new program will be installed mostly in independent operators; CVS and Walmart won’t be among the participating stores. However, as Georgia has over 400 locally owned pharmacies, many patients will find access to a pharmaceutical dispensary within a relatively short distance.

Patients’ necessity for better access to medically-approved marijuana makes this regulation a step in the right direction, especially for a southern state. Across the nation, marijuana distribution and usage has been disproportionately impacting Black and brown people the most, and this new distribution may dismantle the racist criminal history of the drug.

The state’s restrictions surrounding how marijuana can be utilized and administered are still considered among the toughest, and advocates believe amendments are crucial to ensure wider accessibility to patients. Despite this, Georgia’s inclusion of medical marijuana guidance directly from a pharmacist will provide valuable insight into what is best to manage one’s health.

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