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Getting Back The Black Vote

a legislative agenda to match that assessment?
PELOSI: Right from the start, before Congress even came into session, Democrats united around the plan for economic growth, and we came out before the president did with his plan. We developed a plan that would be fiscally sound, fair in terms of who benefits, and fast acting in creating jobs. In addition to that, we have our long-term package for economic growth. One hundred percent of the Democrats voted against the president’s budget. Almost 100% voted against his tax cuts. We stuck together, for example, on the comp time bill … unemployment compensation benefits, [and] unemployment insurance benefit.

B.E.: The Republican Party has a very formidable public relations machine. What’s the Democratic counter to that?
PELOSI: We can punch right back at them when they throw punches. But we’re never going to resort to the hate that they resort to in their message. They create a climate that gives comfort to people who would do dangerous things in our society. We’re going to create an echo chamber across America — a drumbeat for economic opportunity. What the Republicans are doing undermines economic opportunity by shutting down opportunities for education and job creation. As we protect and defend our country, and we have to put up strong national security credentials, we also have to protect and defend the Constitution.