Some GoDaddy Users No Longer On Cloud Nine

GoDaddy Users No Longer on Cloud Nine

GoDaddy has long been considered a godsend to the brand, small business or individual looking to build a quick website on the cheap. And until recently, the company even offered hosting services on the cloud — but no longer.

GoDaddy announced to customers recently that it is eliminating its cloud services and advising customers to find another GoDaddy service that works for them, or find another host altogether.

The Cloud is a web based data storage system and is a popular option for those looking to save large amounts of data without having to lug around external pieces of equipment. It’s quick and convenient, but it wasn’t quite the cash cow that GoDaddy thought it would be. Customers have until April 2013 to find a new host or they will lose their data.

GoDaddy’s dissolving of its cloud services could usher in a similar trend among other hosting services. So business owners should take heed to this situation and research other hosting services to assess if their hosting needs are being met.

There are ways to ensure a seamless transition should your web host change its terms of service.

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