Google Could Start Tracking Your Employees' Health

Google Could Start Tracking Your Employees’ Health

The Moto 360 is the first in a series of devices running Google's Android Wear software.
The Moto 360 is the first in a series of devices running Google's Android Wear software.

The next tech war is already underway, and it’s getting to the heart of the matter: your health.

According to Forbes, Google is gearing up to debut its own health-tracking system for Android devices at Google I/O, its developers conference in June.

Of course, the possibilities of using Google as a centralized health service is interesting, especially to employers.

Google’s dabbled in the health space previously. The company’s Google Health launched in 2008 as a serivce to gather all of your health data in one place, but that’s all it did. That project shut down in 2012.

Apple’s already discussed its health tracking system introduced in iOS 8. Dubbed HealthKit, it will integrate with Apple’s Health app and collect data from third-party tools like fitness bands, heart-rate monitors, and others to provide a comprehensive look at your physical health and potentially offer suggestions. It could also integrate with Apple’s own rumored iWatch, which could debut as early as October.

Samsung introduced S Health with its Samsung Galaxy S4, and is using its smartwatches to track things like steps taken. The Samsung Gear Fit monitors your heart rate and workouts, making it the company’s first foray into health-related apps and devices.

Google Fit would be the perfect software accessory to the physical wearables powered by Android Wear, Google’s wearable device software that will power smartwatches and fitness bands, among others. Hopefully Google won’t abandon its healthy aspirations this time around.