Got Fired? Here’s Advice From Someone Who Was Downsized and Thrived

Got Fired? Here’s Advice from Someone Who Was Downsized and Thrived

Author and money coach Lynnette Khalfani-Cox (Courtesy of subject)

These are the three best steps you can take in the immediate aftermath of getting fired. You’ll do lots more later, of course. But by taking these steps right away you’ll best position yourself to survive – and even thrive – after being downsized.

I’m living proof that life doesn’t end just because you got terminated.

In fact, my downsizing led me to start my own business and launch a highly successful career as a Money Coach. I’m now getting paid far more than my corporate job, enjoying a great deal of personal and professional freedom, and doing exactly what I love on my own terms.

And since I’m the boss, I never have to worry about a pink slip again.

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