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Grambling State University

schools that will have a saturation of Hispanic and students of other races, and then we’ll send her there.

Once students are enrolled, what benefits will they receive by being at your school and not its competitors?

[One benefit is] the quality education for our low cost compared with other HBCUs. Our student-teacher ratio is such that students can get that specialized, individualized education; the classrooms are not so large. It’s a small but very diverse university. Our new residence halls feature apartment-style dormitories. We have some new renovations on campus [including] our dining hall, new assembly center, and the fine arts building. They can be a part of a growing and exciting Grambling State University.

How do you dispel myths that HBCUs aren’t equal, in quality educational offerings, to other national universities?

I can start rattling out some names of some graduates of Grambling State University who have gone on to make marks in the country. We have doctors and lawyers–you name it. We have graduates all over the world who are making great strides and contributions to the community. We have an array, not just in the athletic arena, but in academics as well.