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Haberdasher’s Closet

maintain longevity, do not remove a tie by pulling or yanking it off. Untie it in the same manner used to tie it, which will prevent stretching and tearing at the seams. Never hang ties; roll them after wearing to help maintain shape.

Color Accents Accessories make all the difference in enhancing your look. Cuff links, ties, and pocket squares offer great opportunities to stand out.

3 Shoes: Two pairs of classic leather lace-ups in black and brown are vital to a business wardrobe. Kirby suggests including a brown suede shoe, which can add richness to any ensemble. Colors such as luggage tan and cognac will also enhance and complement your wardrobe. “Footwear should be well-defined and understated,” says Kirby, who strongly advises against shoes in bright color leathers or skins.