Harvard Grad Calls For 3,000 Black Women With High School Diplomas to Help Her Set a World Record

Meet Jen Franks Ahaghotu, a US-based CEO and graduate of Harvard University who believes in the power of Black women’s educational achievements to change the world. The journey to a Harvard degree remains a formidable one for Black women, with challenges ranging from systemic barriers to a lack of representation in various academic fields. But, Ahaghotu defied the odds and broke barriers and is now showing the world how far Black women can go.

Jen Franks Ahaghotu is calling on 3,000 Black women with a High School Diploma or above to help her set a world-first, mass representation record online on September 8th, 2023.

The title is the Official Extreme Excellence World Record™ for: “The Most Photos of Black Women with a Graduation Certificate Uploaded in 24 Hours.”The project is set to positively flood social media, aiming for a minimum of 1 million social impacts across many social networks. It has already attracted almost 400,000 impacts to date.

September 8th is important – it is the birthday of civil rights activist Ruby Bridges who stepped into the history books in 1960; when at just 6 years old, she integrated William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans, becoming an international icon.

This groundbreaking project is raising important funds and awareness for the Ruby Bridges Foundation.

A documentary is in production, and the project culminates in an event in Washington DC during Black History Month, February 2024.

“Our contributions deserve to be celebrated at the highest level in the global narrative.

We are so much more than a diploma, and this is a joyous focal point to share our stories. Future generations are watching and learning,” said Jen.

Jen has chosen the only female-founded world record company, Extreme Excellence World Records™ from Tasmania, to adjudicate the attempt.

Learn more at BLackWomenWorldRecord.com

For press inquiries, contact jen@jenfranksahaghotu.com or (914) 426-2838

This news first appeared on blacknews.com