Months After Herschel Walker Loses Bid For Georgia Senate, His Wife Puts Atlanta Home Up For Sale

Months After Herschel Walker Loses Bid For Georgia Senate, His Wife Puts Atlanta Home Up For Sale

The wife of former Republican Georgia senate candidate Herschel Walker is selling the house that was listed as his residence during his campaign, The Associated Press reported.

Julie Blanchard has been the owner of the house for more than 20 years. Sitting on a 1.5 acre lot, the three-bedroom home is located in Atlanta’s upscale Buckhead neighborhood. It’s listed for $1.45 million. A report from the Atlanta Business Chronicle showed that Blanchard, who has been married to the former NFL running back since 2021, bought the house in 2002 and had it listed for $1.3 million in 2020.

During Walker’s campaign, he faced raised eyebrows on whether he actually lived in Georgia, since he continued to maintain a homestead exemption on a house in Westlake, TX, which has lower property taxes.

The exemption only stands for people using the home as their primary residence. Walker asked officials in Texas to remove the exemption from the residence for the 2021 and 2022 tax years, as he listed the Atlanta home as his mailing address. On his application, he wrote that he no longer lives in Texas.

The exterior of the Atlanta house was featured in at least one campaign ad for the former University of Georgia football star, and financial statements proved the home was used as a rental property as recently as 2021.

In a December 2022 runoff, Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) beat Walker by close to 3% of the points, securing a Democratic majority in the Senate. Walker’s campaign was overshadowed by pressing allegations, including being accused of paying for the abortions of two ex-girlfriends despite portraying an image of being pro-life and supporting the Roe v. Wade overturn.

Since failing in his political efforts, Walker has been relatively quiet. It was reported that he may be going back to the home of the Bulldogs as a student after being seen inside an academic adviser’s office at the Franklin College of Arts & Sciences.

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