How High School Habits Can Lead to Long-Term Success
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How High School Habits Can Lead to Long-Term Success

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Have you ever thought about what has made you more successful than most other people? After obtaining two degrees in college and forging ahead in a successful marketing career for a payment solutions company, I’ve looked back to my high school days, realizing that I developed my current success many years ago. At the time, I didn’t realize how these habits would serve me so well through college and into my career.

Here are seven habits that, even if you didn’t cultivate them in high school, will serve you well today:

Time Management

As a high school student, I remember being extremely busy. At the time, it seemed so hectic to stay on top of everything I had going on. Now, I’m used to it. The average student spends approximately 35 hours per week in the classroom, holds down a part-time job, participates in extracurricular activities, and socializes with friends. How can high school students find the time to accomplish all of these obligations?

I did it by developing time management skills in high school. It made me more productive then and even helps now with responsibilities in work and life. I used a daily planner and found time tracking to be key. Once you see the breakdown of where your time is spent, you can plan accordingly.

Being Proactive

When I was considering what college to attend, I weighed the pros and cons of each school and considered alternative universities as backup options. I also learned to be proactive about assignments by immediately asking if I wasn’t sure about something. That became even more valuable later in college and my first few jobs because it saved me time and impressed others that I was willing to take the lead.

Being Prepared

I was never the kid in school who “winged it.” I had to be prepared by having all my reading, assignments and studying done prior to class. While I could not prepare for everything that came along, this helped me.

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